• 31005: Construction Hauler

    Release Date

    31005: Construction Hauler

    Build Your Construction Dreams with LEGO Set 31005 – Construction Hauler. This versatile set empowers you to construct a robust construction hauler truck, mini digger, and trailer, unleashing your imagination on the construction site. Whether you’re a young aspiring builder, a LEGO enthusiast, or both, this set promises endless creative possibilities.

  • 31011: Aviation Adventures

    Release Date

    31011: Aviation Adventures

    The LEGO Star Wars 31011 Aviation Adventures set is a great 3-in-1 set for fans of all ages. It includes 618 pieces and can be built into three different models: a propeller plane, a helicopter, and a speedboat. The models are all well-designed and feature working features, such as propellers, rotors, and steering wheels. The set is a great way…

  • 31010: Treehouse

    Release Date

    31010: Treehouse

    Immerse Yourself in Nature with LEGO Set 31010 – Treehouse. This versatile set allows you to construct a charming treehouse, a rustic cabin, or a lakeside hut, offering endless possibilities for imaginative building and play. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a LEGO lover, or both, this set promises woodland adventures in every brick.

  • 30241: Mandalorian Fighter

    Release Date

    30241: Mandalorian Fighter

    The LEGO Star Wars 30241: Gauntlet is a small but detailed set that is perfect for fans of all ages. This set features a mini Gauntlet, which is a faithful recreation of the Mandalorian fighter starship from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated TV series. The LEGO Star Wars 30241: Gauntlet set is a fun and easy build. The…

  • 31000: Mini Speeder

    Release Date

    31000: Mini Speeder

    The LEGO Creator 31000 – Mini Speeder is a small and simple set that is perfect for younger children or for those who are new to LEGO. It is a fun and easy build that produces a cool and playable toy. The set includes everything you need to build a mini speeder, including a red and white chassis, large white…

  • 31002: Super Racer

    Release Date

    31002: Super Racer

    Unleash your inner racing enthusiast with the LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Set 31002: Super Racer. This versatile set offers not just one but three exhilarating builds, allowing you to dive into the world of high-speed racing. Build the sleek Super Racer, perfect for zooming down imaginary tracks. Then, transform it into a rugged quad bike for off-road adventures, or get behind…

  • 31006: Highway Speedster

    Release Date

    31006: Highway Speedster

    Race in Style with LEGO Set 31006 – Highway Speedster. This versatile set lets you build a sleek and powerful highway speedster, perfect for high-speed adventures on the open road. Whether you’re a fan of fast cars, a LEGO enthusiast, or both, this set promises thrilling building and play.