• 5767: Cool Cruiser

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    5767: Cool Cruiser

    Experience Timeless Elegance with LEGO Set 5767 – Cool Cruiser. This versatile set lets you construct a classic cruiser, capturing the essence of timeless automotive design. Whether you’re a vintage car enthusiast, a LEGO aficionado, or someone seeking a creative building adventure, this set offers endless opportunities for imaginative play and customization.

  • 30054: AT-ST

    Release Date

    30054: AT-ST

    The LEGO Star Wars 30054: AT-ST mini set is a fun and easy build. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, and the pieces are all well-fitting. Once you’re finished building, you can display your mini AT-ST on a shelf or desk, or use it to create your own Star Wars adventures.

  • 5765: Transport Truck

    Release Date

    5765: Transport Truck

    The LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Set 5765: Transport Truck is a versatile and engaging building kit that lets young builders explore the world of transportation. With 276 pieces, this set allows you to construct not just one, but three different vehicles—the Transport Truck, Cargo Helicopter, and Cargo Plane. Each model boasts realistic details and movable parts, encouraging imaginative play and skill…

  • 30053: Republic Attack Cruiser

    Release Date

    30053: Republic Attack Cruiser

    The LEGO Star Wars 0053: Republic Attack Cruiser Star Wars mini set is a small but detailed set that is perfect for fans of all ages. This set features a mini Republic Attack Cruiser, which is a faithful recreation of the iconic starship from the Star Wars films.

  • 5763: Dune Hopper

    Release Date

    5763: Dune Hopper

    Venture into the Desert with LEGO Set 5763 – Dune Hopper.** This dynamic set allows you to construct an off-road dune hopper, perfect for navigating sandy landscapes and embarking on thrilling adventures. Whether you’re a desert explorer, a LEGO enthusiast, or an aspiring off-road racer, this set promises excitement.