• 8143: Ferrari F430 Challenge

    Release Date

    8143: Ferrari F430 Challenge

    Race to Excellence with LEGO Set 8143 – Ferrari F430 Challenge. This thrilling model recreates the iconic Ferrari F430 Challenge, embodying Italian racing heritage and elegance. Get ready to build your dream supercar and experience the excitement of high-speed competition, all in the palm of your hand.

  • 4956: House

    Release Date

    4956: House

    The LEGO Creator 4956: House is a charming two-story house with a red roof and a white exterior. It features a number of realistic details, such as a front porch, a garage, and a backyard with a patio and a tree. The set also includes a variety of accessories, such as furniture, plants, and flowers. The house is a sturdy…

  • 7873: Aeroplane Set

    Release Date

    7873: Aeroplane Set

    Unleash your aviation passion with the 2017 LEGO Set 7873: Aeroplane. This thrilling set lets you construct your own aircraft, ready to take flight. Perfect for aspiring pilots or LEGO enthusiasts, it provides an exciting building adventure and endless imaginative journeys through the skies.

  • 8142: Ferrari F1 1:24

    Release Date

    8142: Ferrari F1 1:24

    Unleash the Speed of Legends with LEGO Set 8142 – Ferrari F1 1:24. This remarkable model brings the iconic Ferrari F1 car to life in breathtaking 1:24 scale. Immerse yourself in the world of Formula 1, capturing the essence of Italian racing heritage, precision, and high-speed excitement in the palm of your hand.

  • 4939: Cool Cars

    Release Date

    4939: Cool Cars

    Rev Up Your Creativity with LEGO Set 4939 – Cool Cars. This versatile set invites you to construct a variety of stylish vehicles, from sports cars to hot rods, sparking your imagination and engineering skills. Whether you’re an aspiring car designer, a LEGO enthusiast, or both, this set promises endless automotive fun.

  • 4953: Fast flyers

    Release Date

    4953: Fast flyers

    Soar to New Heights with LEGO Set 4953 – Fast Flyers. This versatile set lets you construct an array of sleek and agile aircraft, each designed for maximum speed and excitement. Whether you’re a budding aviator, a LEGO enthusiast, or a lover of high-speed thrills, this set offers endless possibilities for creative flight.