31006: Highway Speedster

Rev Up Your Imagination with LEGO Set 31006 – Highway Speedster

Get ready for a high-speed adventure with the LEGO Creator Set 31006 – Highway Speedster. This versatile and exciting set allows you to create your very own sleek and stylish sports car, perfect for zooming through the open road and exploring new horizons.

Customizable Fun: The Highway Speedster is all about creativity. With this set, you can build not one, but three different vehicles – the classic highway speedster, a powerful hot rod, or a rugged pickup truck. The choice is yours, and the possibilities are endless.

Sleek Design: The Highway Speedster is designed for speed and style. Its low profile, streamlined curves, and bold color scheme make it an eye-catching addition to your LEGO collection.

Endless Adventures: Whether you’re racing against the wind, embarking on a road trip, or exploring off-road terrain, the Highway Speedster is ready for action. It’s the perfect companion for all your imaginative adventures.

Great for All Ages: This set is suitable for builders of all ages, providing a fun and rewarding building experience. It’s an ideal choice for young builders and those young at heart.


  • Set Number: 31006
  • Pieces: 286
  • Dimensions: Varies depending on the vehicle design, allowing for customization and creativity.

Release Date: