• 31023: Yellow Racers

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    31023: Yellow Racers

    The LEGO Creator 31023: Yellow Racers is a fun and versatile set that allows you to build three different vehicles: a helicopter, a race car, and a speedboat. With bright yellow bodies and black and white accents, these vehicles are sure to turn heads. The helicopter has a large main rotor, spinning rear rotor, and detailed engines. The race car…

  • 5866: Rotor Rescue

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    5866: Rotor Rescue

    The LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Set 5866: Rotor Rescue offers a dynamic building experience with the versatility to create three unique vehicles. The centerpiece, the Rotor Rescue Helicopter, boasts an authentic design with rotating main and tail rotors, making it perfect for daring rescue missions. Alternatively, transform it into a Speed Boat with sleek lines and a working engine or a…