8671: Ferrari F430 Spider 1:17

Experience the Thrill of the Open Road with LEGO Set 8671 – Ferrari F430 Spider 1:17

Get ready for the ultimate in luxury and performance with the LEGO Technic Set 8671 – Ferrari F430 Spider 1:17. This meticulously crafted model captures the essence of the iconic sports car, allowing you to build and display a true automotive masterpiece.

Italian Elegance: The Ferrari F430 Spider in this LEGO set embodies the beauty and sophistication of Italian automotive design. With its sleek lines and convertible top, it’s a tribute to one of the world’s most prestigious car manufacturers.

Precision Engineering: LEGO Technic sets are known for their attention to detail, and this one is no exception. From the working steering and suspension to the authentic Ferrari emblem, every aspect has been faithfully recreated.

Endless Customization: With over 1,000 pieces, this set offers a challenging and rewarding building experience. Whether you’re a Ferrari enthusiast, a LEGO lover, or both, you can customize your model to match your vision of automotive perfection.

Great for All Ages: Designed to captivate builders of all ages, this set provides not only a satisfying building experience but also a stunning display piece for car enthusiasts and collectors.


  • Set Number: 8671
  • Pieces: Over 1,000
  • Dimensions: The size and design of the Ferrari F430 Spider may vary depending on your customization, allowing for creative display.

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