76901: Toyota GR Supra

“Speed and Precision Unleashed: LEGO Speed Champions 76901 Toyota GR Supra”


In the exhilarating world of LEGO Speed Champions, precision engineering meets the need for speed, and the LEGO Speed Champions 76901 Toyota GR Supra perfectly embodies this dynamic fusion. In this article, we’ll take a thrilling ride into the world of this LEGO set, exploring the incredible details and the essence of automotive excellence it brings to life.

A Tribute to Automotive Mastery:

The Toyota GR Supra is an icon in the realm of high-performance sports cars, and this LEGO replica pays homage to its sleek design and remarkable engineering. Every curve, every line, and every angle of the Supra is faithfully recreated in LEGO bricks, capturing the essence of this automotive masterpiece. From its iconic double-bubble roof to the aggressive front grille, this set is a testament to the art of precision brick modeling.

Brick-by-Brick Thrills:

Building the LEGO Speed Champions 76901 Toyota GR Supra is an experience that every car enthusiast and LEGO aficionado will cherish. The set includes 299 pieces, meticulously crafted to replicate the Supra’s distinctive features. As you assemble it, you’ll appreciate the attention to detail, from the adjustable rear spoiler to the removable windshield for two different racing configurations. It’s a joy for builders of all ages, offering both a satisfying build process and a stunning display piece.

High-Octane Playtime:

Once constructed, the Toyota GR Supra is ready to hit the racetrack. Included in the set is a minifigure driver, complete with a racing suit and helmet, ready to take the wheel. The Supra features removable wheels with rubber racing tires for added authenticity and grip on the track. Whether you’re racing against friends or showcasing it on your display shelf, the Supra promises hours of high-speed, action-packed fun.

Collectible Excellence:

LEGO Speed Champions sets are not just for building; they are also for collecting. The 76901 Toyota GR Supra is a standout addition to any collection of LEGO cars, boasting a unique blend of design and performance. It’s also compatible with other Speed Champions sets, allowing you to expand your own LEGO racing universe.


The LEGO Speed Champions 76901 Toyota GR Supra is more than just a toy; it’s a celebration of automotive excellence and precision craftsmanship. Whether you’re a die-hard car enthusiast, a LEGO fan, or both, this set offers the perfect combination of design, playability, and collectibility. So, rev up your creativity, hit the bricks, and let the Toyota GR Supra take you on a journey where speed and precision reign supreme.

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