6966: Jedi Starfighter

Embark on Galactic Adventures with LEGO Set 6966 – Jedi Starfighter

Prepare to journey to a galaxy far, far away with the LEGO Star Wars Set 6966 – Jedi Starfighter. This iconic set lets you build the legendary Jedi Starfighter, immersing you in the epic battles and adventures of the Star Wars universe.

Interstellar Design: The Jedi Starfighter is more than just a spaceship; it’s a symbol of the Jedi Order’s commitment to peace and justice. This LEGO set faithfully recreates every detail, from the sleek design to the iconic colors.

Join the Jedi: With this set, you become both the builder and a Jedi Knight. Dive into the Star Wars saga as you construct the Jedi Starfighter, complete with opening cockpit and authentic features, ready to defend the galaxy.

Collector’s Delight: Beyond a toy, this set is a collector’s delight. Display it proudly among your Star Wars memorabilia, and let it be a tribute to the enduring legacy of this beloved franchise.

Great for All Ages: Designed to captivate builders of all ages, this set offers a rewarding building experience. Whether you’re a young Padawan or a seasoned LEGO Jedi, you’ll appreciate the craftsmanship behind this creation.


  • Set Number: 6966
  • Pieces: Varies by set version
  • Dimensions: Approximately [Dimensions may vary based on the specific set version].

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