4891: Highway Haulers

Hit the Road with LEGO Set 4891 – Highway Haulers

Get ready for a truckload of building fun with LEGO Creator Set 4891 – Highway Haulers! This versatile set lets you dive into the world of heavy-duty transport, allowing you to construct not one but three different big rigs, each with its unique features and character.

Customizable Creations: With this set, you’re the master of the road. Build a classic semi-truck, a rugged off-road hauler, or a powerful tow truck, all in one box. The set provides endless hours of creativity and imaginative play.

Realistic Details: The Highway Haulers are designed with incredible attention to detail. From the imposing front grilles to the towering exhaust stacks, these trucks look like they’re ready to tackle any hauling job that comes their way.

Creative Play: Once you’ve built your truck of choice, it’s time to hit the road! Load up cargo, plan long-haul journeys, or become the hero of the highway by rescuing stranded vehicles. The possibilities for play are as vast as the open road itself.

Great for All Ages: This set is suitable for builders of all ages, making it a fantastic choice for family building sessions or solo play. It encourages hands-on creativity and problem-solving skills.


  • Set Number: 4891
  • Pieces: 129
  • Dimensions: Varies depending on the truck design, allowing for customization and endless adventures.

Release Date: