4486: MINI AT-ST & Snowspeeder

Unleash Miniature Galactic Power with LEGO Set 4486 – MINI AT-ST & Snowspeeder

Get ready for epic adventures in a small-scale format with the LEGO Star Wars Set 4486 – MINI AT-ST & Snowspeeder. This set brings the iconic vehicles of the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire to life in a charming, compact design that’s perfect for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Dual Delight: With this set, you don’t have to choose sides. Construct both a miniature AT-ST walker, the formidable symbol of the Galactic Empire’s might, and a Snowspeeder, the agile fighter of the Rebel Alliance. It’s a delightful clash of forces on a small scale.

Incredible Detail: Despite their diminutive size, the LEGO models in this set are packed with authentic detail. From the AT-ST’s chicken walker design to the Snowspeeder’s sleek aerodynamics, these miniatures capture the essence of the Star Wars galaxy.

Mini-Figures: Although small in stature, the set includes minifigures of AT-ST and Snowspeeder pilots. These tiny figures are ready to take command of their respective vehicles and engage in micro-sized battles.

Display or Play: Whether you choose to display these mini marvels on your shelf as collector’s items or engage in epic dogfights on your desk, this LEGO set offers limitless possibilities for creative play and display.


  • Set Number: 4486
  • Pieces: 76
  • Dimensions: Miniature-sized, perfect for displaying on a desk or shelf.

Release Date: