30584: Winter Holiday Train

Celebrate the Winter Season with LEGO Set 30584 – Winter Holiday Train

Get ready to embark on a festive journey with the LEGO Creator Set 30584 – Winter Holiday Train. This delightful set allows you to build a charming holiday train, perfect for adding a touch of seasonal magic to your LEGO collection and holiday decorations.

Festive Decor: The Winter Holiday Train in this LEGO set captures the essence of the winter season. With its holiday-themed design, cheerful colors, and miniature locomotive, it’s an ideal addition to your holiday decor.

Holiday Crafting: Assemble this holiday train to bring a joyful atmosphere to your home, office, or holiday gatherings. It’s a fantastic project for both children and adults to enjoy together during the holiday season.

Great for All Ages: Designed to engage builders of all ages, this set offers a heartwarming building experience. Whether you’re a young builder excited about Christmas or a LEGO enthusiast looking for holiday-themed creations, this set brings the winter wonderland to life.


  • Set Number: 30584
  • Pieces: Varies by set version
  • Dimensions: The size of the Winter Holiday Train may vary depending on your customization, making it a versatile addition to your holiday decor.

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